What we do

We finish new homes from the plaster and coat to the finishing touches

We renovate, modernize and optimize the distribution of old homes

We furnish and equip with the help of our proven partners in kitchen equipment and kitchen appliances, lighting equipment, heating installations, air-conditioning, CCVT etc.

We offer renovated, furnished and decorated homes according to our project designs, ready for the market.

How we work

We provide clarity and transparency throughout the entire project

The budgets and terms we work with are clarified in advance and are always flawless

We use only top quality materials; we implement finishing works thoroughly, quickly and efficiently with constant quality control

Our designers discuss the style with you in advance and choose according to your preferences



Full control or no obligations

Do you have a new home in need of finishing works or modernization? Do you wish to purchase a new one at a reasonable price? We can help you by saving you time, effort and money. You can participate just as much as you would like – maintaining full control or with minimal interference, leaving the inspiration and the execution in the hands of our experts.


Hidden Treasure

We can convince you that to buy and upgrade an old and unattractive home with a good location at a reasonable price makes much more sense than the purchase of “new construction” real estate. With our help it will become a luxurious and cozy space while the costs for you will be lower as compared to a new property of identical size in the same area.

Our team covers the entire process


Our real estate agency is here to help you track down and choose the most suitable home for you, according to your basic requirements and your budget.


We will show you the end result at the beginning. Prior to starting the repair works you will receive a detailed project, 3D visualization and a virtual tour of your future home in full detail.


We will discuss with you the options for distribution and provide our professional opinion with regard to the opportunities for implementing the planned improvements.


The terms for execution from receiving the key until we provide your ready, decorated home, vary between 5 and 8 weeks depending on the level of complexity.


The choice of palette, textiles, furnishing, lighting and every detail provide a finished look and character of the spaces, bringing warmth and turning the lodging into a home.


Foreseeable expenses

At an earliest stage possible we provide a detailed step-by-step budget for the entire implementation of the renovation and modernization project. This allows you to have an idea about the total cost of the home before you acquire it.


DEF Solutions in photos

We implement our own investments in real properties as well, which we offer as furnished and decorated homes on the market. This is gives our customers a chance to be sure of the quality of our work beforehand. All images here are absolutely real and have been made on DEF Solutions sites.

Our Partners

Our happy clients

  • Daniela Iordanova
    Daniela Iordanova

    When you find the right people, everything is possible in life! No matter how rare this is, we are lucky and our country house in Bulgaria looks like home again, thanks to DEF Solutions! Can’t wait to fly back home!

  • Prolet Pankova
    Prolet Pankova

    We are extremely grateful to DEF Solutions for the joy they brought us by creating our home! They took an empty and unattractive place and brought elegance, beauty and coziness to it showing great professionalism and understanding! From the bottom of my heart I say thank you.

  • Stoil Pankov
    Stoil Pankov

    In today’s fast-paced world, we rarely have the time and nerves to start a major overhaul. For our family, this was one of the main reasons to focus on furnished apartments. But after many disappointments and a chance meeting with an apartment made by Def Solutions, we were amazed by the quality of workmanship, the attitude to detail and the overall concept and design of the home. This was the turning point to overcome our fears and choose an unfinished apartment. After several meetings with DEF Solutions, they consulted us before the purchase and subsequently took upon the difficult task of transforming the empty walls into a beautiful and functional home. This endeavour passed almost painlessly thanks to the professionalism and comprehensive approach of Def Solutions. They managed to capture what we like and what we don’t and turn it into a complete design of our home, after which they executed it flawlessly. We only had to enjoy the process without worrying about going shopping or dealing with contractors.

    Thank you!

  • Svetlana Jordanova
    Svetlana Jordanova

    It is always difficult when you have to choose a team you can trust. However, it was easy for us to trust DEF Solutions. The moment we accidentally saw one of their completed projects, we realized that we wanted to work with them. We are so happy to have had this opportunity. DEF Solutions team works with the highest level of professionalism combined with individual attitude, patience and flexibility. Working with them was a real pleasure from the design of our project to its final implementation. They have transformed our new home into a dream home! To us DEF Solutions means professionalism, trust and security.

  • Gerdzhikovi

    With our utmost gratitude and satisfaction, we would like to share the exciting experience that we had thanks to the great team of DEF Solutions. They have transformed the purchase of a family home from potential nightmare to a great pleasure and a lifetime memory. Besides the wonderful design and implementation, their style, personal attitude and flexibility turned our purchase into a pleasurable lifetime memory. Without hesitation, we would put our trust in them for future projects.

  • Albena Eftenova
    Albena Eftenova Pharmalex Bulgaria

    We have commissioned DEF Solutions to design and build a kitchen and dining room in our new company office. They implemented the project effectively and within the agreed budget, successfully combining creativity and functionality. The space they created immediately became a favorite spot for me and my colleagues. I highly recommend their services!

  • Bojidar Gyurov
    Bojidar Gyurov  

    Together with DEF Solutions we passed through the whole process, starting from the real estate offer, the purchase of the appartement, its renovation, design and furnishing. They played the leading role, I only was saying “Yes, I like it”. Now I have a home.

  • Nina & Martin
    Nina & Martin  

    Very nice flat, good quality construction and very spacious!

  • Svilen Ivanov
    Svilen Ivanov The Opera

    Def Solutions transformed the apartment exactly as I imagined it – spacious, cosy and stylish. They saved me huge effort working on the project professionally from the idea to the final result. I highly recommend their services.

  • Nikolay Dolchinkov
    Nikolay Dolchinkov The Conservatory

    My meeting with the Conservatory apartment was love at first sight. Quality material, style and attention to the detail – all I wanted for my new home. You won’t regret it once you choose a DEF Solutions project.

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